The Swindle Wiki

First Heist[]

When first starting The Swindle use your first heist to gather £110. This will allow you to return to your airship immediately after and purchase the "Hack_Skill" ability. This ensures that you can successfully complete your next heists to start building your "XP_Bonus" multiplier which increases the amount of £ you get per heist until you die. For every heist that you complete while gathering at least 85% of the cash on that property whether or not you get detected, your multiplier increases by 0.20. Keep in mind, that this multiplier is applied after "Ghost_Bonus" and "Aptitude_Bonus" so that it multiplies the entirety of what you earned on that property.

The Slums[]

Your essential buying list for The Slums will be as follows:

  1. "Double_Jumping level 1" (Agility) £500 Pretty straightforward, allows you to jump once in the air.
  2. "Wall_Jumping level 1" (Agility) £1,000 Allows you to hang in place on walls. Necessary to avoid detection as properties get smaller and more crowded with enemies.
  3. "Movement_Speed" (Agility) £400 Highly recommended as it is low in cost and will improve gameplay as a whole, by adding quicker recovery times after jumping and landing.
  4. "Bomb_Count level 1" (Tools) £3,000 Adds 3 bombs to your toolkit. Allows access to otherwise impossible to reach areas.

That should be everything you need to make it through The Slums while these next items are optional but will make successfully completing later heists possible.

  • "Steam_Purge Duration level 1" (Tools) £5,000 Allows your character to avoid detection completely for 3 seconds. Does not stop you from tripping mines.
  • "Hack_Speed level 1" (Abilities) £5,000 Removes one "bad sector" while hacking computers and slightly decreases the amount of time it takes to complete.